Permitted building projects in May show sharp decline

 06/25/2018 - 15:14

Over $200,000 in building permits were issued in Forrest City in May, a significant decrease from the total in April.
There were 17 building permits issued in May, totaling $265,938.50. Of that total, seven permits were for commercial building projects, while 10 were for residential projects.
In April, the city pulled in approximately $1.4 million in building permits with 19 permits being issued. This total was largely driven by three large commercial projects that collectively totaled around $1.2 million.
The largest commercial permit issued in May was for $100,000 to Walmart. The permit was issued for the construction of a charging station at the store’s location on Deaderick Road.
Salem M.B. Church purchased the second-highest permit in May, at $34,149.50, for a new sign. Signal Point, located at 1731 Indian Hills Road, received a permit for $24,999 for repairs.
Jim Bailey received a commercial permit for concrete work at 2320 W. Broadway for $15,000. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church had a commercial building permit for a roofing project, totaling $11,000.
The remaining commercial permits were issued to Sharks restaurant for $8,500 and to Forrest City High School for $6,000. Both permits were for roofing projects.
There were 10 residential permits issued, totaling $66,290. Of the residential permits, the largest permit issued was for $19,000 for a renovation on Park Drive. The smallest permit was for $300 for repairs on Oxford Street.
For the residential projects, there were three renovations, three roofing projects, two repair projects, one storage building and one other project.


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